Colombia Huila San Agustin-San Lorenzo


Colombia Huila San Agustin-San Lorenzo

from 13.00

State: Huila

Region: San Lorenzo-San Agustin

Elevation: 1650-2000 meters

Varietal: Caturra

Process: Fully Washed and Sun Dried

Flavor Profile: Cocoa, spice, blueberry, currant, black tea

Roast Level: Medium Roast.

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The region of Huila in Colombia has traditionally produced much of the country's best coffee, as evidenced by the high percentage of Cup of Excellence winning coffees from this area. This particular coffee is part of the Regional Select program of 'Huila Best Cup' with Cafe Imports and Banexport. The overall purpose of the program is to reward producers from this region for quality coffee, by paying them more money. Banexport, based in Colombia, works closely with the producers to help them improve their farming practices and earn more for their efforts. We are part of a team that judges (through blind cuppings) and selects the very top 10-15 lots among the entire region, that are in turn sold at a live auction. Our Jose Ancizar microlot (a limited reserve) is one of these lots purchased from this auction. 

Other coffees that didn't quite make the top 10-15 (but still score very well) are pooled together by community, and sold as Regional Select. So this would be a group of roughly 15 small farmers, with similar farming practices, all milled together. We chose this Regional Select offering as a favorite among all our cuppings over the course of Huila Best Cup.