AeroPress Brew Guide

  1. Weigh 16 grams of beans and grind for paper filter
  2. Insert the filter. Rinse filter, aeropress, and mug with hot water
  3. Add ground coffee to aeropress
  4. Measure out 235 grams/8oz water just off the boil
  5. Start timer and pour all the water
  6. Stir gently and place plunger on top
  7. At 1:00 stir again and gently push plunger so that coffee pours into mug
  8. Enjoy!

The Aeropress

A simple and effective single cup brew method, often used for a concentrated ‘espresso’ extraction. We prefer a less concentrated method, using a normal drip grind. This makes a ‘clean cup’ with little sediment in the cup. This total immersion brewing style allows for a very even extraction. Excellent for travel or camping!