New Biotree, Block Bottom Coffee Bags

Finally, after a brand redesign and a year after embarking on the bag redesign with Factory North of Portland, our new bags and labels are here! Seeing them all lined up on shelves together makes quite an impact, and we couldn't be happier with the end result.

The really cool thing about Biotree is that it's a both a bio-degradable bag AND it actually protects and preserves the coffee from staling as quickly as the standard biodegradable craft bags (which really don't offer much of a protective barrier). The block bottom describes the shape, which allows the bags to stand up on their own and not fall over.  Biotree is a new material made by Pacific Bag composed of 60% fully biodegradable materials, with the other 40% from fossil fuels that break down in five to ten years, thus preserving it's impact on the waste stream compared to standard PE.  Here's a link with videos showing composting tests of Biotre...

We intended a simpler design that provides space for the details of our exciting coffee offerings.  Each blend has uniquely shaped and designed label, so that a customer can immediately see their Big Timber with the upside down skier. For those that don't know, we have dedicated our coffee blends to Schweitzer Mountain, where Randy and I founded our business. The Single Origin coffees have beautiful images of mountains and lakes, and provide all the important specifics about each coffee: varietal, farm information, elevation, flavor.


With this change in bags that we have invested so much time and effort into, we have gone away from the 1lb and 8oz bags.  The new 12oz size is the ideal amount for most people on a weekly basis, and has become the industry standard (as opposed to 1lb).

We hope you like the new designs!  To get a closer look, simply order coffee.  :)

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