Hario V60 Brew Guide

  1. Weigh 23 grams of coffee
  2. Insert the filter and rinse with hot water (white filters preferred)
  3. Grind the coffee slightly coarser than paper filter (around 6.5 on our Ditting grinder)
  4. Measure out 380g water just off the boil
  5. Start timer and pour just enough water to wet the grounds. Let bloom for 30–40 seconds. This crucial step allows the CO2 to release, making the coffee extract more evenly).
  6. Starting in the middle and circling outwards, pour the water (ideally from a kettle with a narrow spout such as a Bonavita kettle).
  7. Allow coffee to drain slightly but maintain generally constant fill level. Finish pouring around 2:00–2:30
  8. This entire brew process should take 3:00–3:30 for the perfect brew. If time is longer, adjust grind coarser. If brew time too short, make grind slightly finer.
  9. Enjoy! 

Hario V60

Hario's classic ceramic or glass drippers are one of our preferred methods of single-cup brewing, which we feature at our Espresso Bar. This manual brewing method gives you complete control over brewing time and temperature, so your coffee is brewed just the way you like it. While the V60 can make a truly superior cup, it is critical that the grind, brew time. and pour are controlled. A Buono Kettle or any kettle allowing for a slow, controlled pour is a nice compliment.

For the coolest home brew setup in the neighborhood, use the Hario V60 in conjunction with one of our hand-made wooden pourover stands.