One of our guiding principles is to contribute to our communities in a meaningful way. We want to make a positive, meaningful impact in our ‘backyard’, along with contributing to the long-term success and well-being of the families of our farmers and producer partners.

On the producer level, we emphasize long-term partnerships with our partners, paying well above the ‘Fair Trade’ minimum price for quality coffee. We are involved in several ‘Best Cup’ auction programs, which directly reward the quality efforts of these farmers. We are involved in
various partnerships such as with our Brazil Sertao coffee. Every pound we purchase gives 10 cents back to the women-owned cooperative for social programs in the community.

On the local level, we created a ‘Featured Non-Profit Program’ to leverage the communal role that our cafes play, with the intent of providing fundraising and awareness for locally based Non-Profit Organizations “NP”. Each month we feature a different NP at each of our cafes. 15%
of our sales from a selected ‘fundraising day’ are donated, and we work with the NP representative to provide information and assistance to that organization.

Uryadi’s Village : A Sandpoint based, non-profit organization bringing support to orphans in Ethiopia. All donations directly fund improved quality of life, including water, sanitation, medical care, education agriculture and improved economics.
$1 of every bag of Ethiopia coffee we sell goes to Uryadi’s to sponsor several children of the orphanage.