Cascara Coffee Cherry Tea



Flavor Profile: Spicy, herbal aromatics, sweet syrupy body, earthy but clean, hints of dry cocoa and spice, mild acidity

The cascara that we have sourced is from the same farm as our El Salvador Las Delicias, a Direct Relationship with Miguel Menendez and family. This is a full pulped cascara, from the Natural Pacamara, from Las Delicias.  The customary method of doing cascara is taking the freshly de-pulped cascara from the bean and mucilage, and drying it out in the sun, separated from everything else. The Menendez team has taken a different approach by taking the cascara from the fully pulped natural.  This means leaving the cascara with the mucilage and bean, all together, to dry out in the sun.

Leaving the cascara together with the mucilage and bean to dry out in the sun, made the cascara taste much more intense, with a very sweet taste and smell. The result is a rare and delicious tea, which reveals yet another taste dimension to the coffee cherry.