Organic Honduras Capucas Adelso



Flavor Profile: Honeysuckle, green apple, very light, crisp mouthfeel with a chocolate finish. Delicious! Rainforest Alliance, Fair Trade, Organic.

Honduras Capucas Adelso is a microlot from the Adelso farm in the Capucas region of Honduras. It is a phenomenal coffee and part of a great story in how farmers in a region have joined forces for the benefit of all. Capucas is located in the west of Honduras near the well known National Park ¨Celaque¨, which means box of water. Thousands of tourists visit this region of the country, where you can find the famous Mayan ruins. The land about this small village is ideal for coffee growing due to the good soil and climate conditions and the high altitude which is between 1200 to 1800m. The cooperative produces about 181 tons of green coffee, which is sold within a few weeks of the harvests end.