Kenya Thunguri



Roast Level: Medium-Light Roast.

Flavor Profile: Juicy, sweet and balanced with a heavy mouth-feel and flavors of lemon and cherry

This delicious crop of Kenya coffee is one of the best Kenya’s we’ve tasted this year, with full body, complex sweetness.  It comes from the Thunguri wet mill, located in the Kirinyaga District in the Central Highlands of Kenya. Thunguri is on of 800 members of the Kigirigwi Farmers Cooperative Society. The mill is at 1628 meters and mostly produces the sought after Bourbon varietals SL28 and SL34. Cherries are handpicked, then removed from the green beans through water pumped from the Kamukokari River. The depulped beans are then fermented for a day, washed and soaked again.  Finally it is dried on raised beds in the sun for about two weeks, turned by hand throughout each day, until the beans reach the desired 11% moisture content. Finally the parchment is removed and coffee is vacuum sealed and exported. Subtle, deep, and complex with grapefruit acidity, passion fruit, and red apple. Medium-Light Roast.